Shared MFA

An easy to use tool to create a unique link that you can pass onto others so that they can generate their own multifactor (2FA) codes for shared logins.

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Generating unique link


What is MFA/2FA?

Multifactor or two factor authentication is designed to protect your acounts/data by making it harder for someone who isn't you to log in.

It does this by requiring you to provide an extra 'factor' of authentication on top of the traditional username/password combination when logging into a website or application.

There are three factors that can be used during authentication:

  1. Something you know (e.g. a password)
  2. Something you have (e.g. a device or some other item that generates a login token)
  3. Something you are (e.g. a finger print or face scan)

Depending on the sensitivity of the data within an application, applications that require MFA or 2FA require authentication using a factor from at least 2 different categories before you will be able to log in.

When should I use this tool?

This tool makes sense when you're using shared logins, with forced multi-factor or two-factor authentication, to protect information that doesn't really need to be protected. Think test accounts, demo accounts, etc.

When should I definitely not use this tool?

Do not use this tool for authentication that protects sensitive data. multi-factor and two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to prevent unauthorised access to systems.

Who is this tool designed for?

This tool is designed for developers, sales people and support teams who:

  • Are using shared accounts to log into systems, and
  • The shared accounts require an authentication code to be entered, and
  • It's not practical for them to access an authentication code from a shared device or email inbox

Is it safe?

No-one (including us) can do anything useful with codes produced by your unique link unless you tell them:

  • The website or other application where the codes are used, and
  • The user name that is used to log into that application, and
  • The password for that user name

We recommend that your unique link is not stored on your computer anywhere near this information. For example, in your favourites or history.

Is my authenticator information saved on your website?

No. All of the information required to generate your codes is stored in your unique link. We do not keep a copy of that information.

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